We are not tied to any supplier, which enables us to always place client needs and
preferences first.

We know which airlines, which flights and which hotels are best for travellers in Australia and around the world, because we constantly monitor performance and feedback from our clients and industry sources.

We operate as a ‘one stop shop’ facilitating visas, advising on immunisation requirements and providing travel insurance including annual business policies.


Our role for a holiday client is:

  • Give us your ultimate dream holiday and we will create a fabulous experience.

  • Following our customer service charter and drawing on Ellandale’s depth and breadth of both ‘destination experience and technical expertise’ we will advise on and arrange all your holiday travel details.


Leave the arrangements and technical details to us. We will respond with options to consider and once agreed will make firm bookings and reservations.


Cost Savings

We help reduce overall expenditure on travel using our product knowledge and expertise to get the best result.


Experienced Advice

We know all airlines, hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, travel service providers and products to best suits our clients and how to efficiently and economically move from destination to destination, in the air, on the ground, by sea.

We read and understand the fine print!


Destination knowledge

We know where to stay, what to see, what to do and at what time of year to do it and what it costs.

Technical and practical experience

We can advise on visas, vaccinations, insurance, currency, climate, customs, festivals, dress codes, opening hours, tipping, fare levels and fare rules, rates, rooms, cabins, car types, train schedules, ferry routes, tours, walks, transfers.