We are not tied to any supplier, which enables us to always place client needs and preferences first in our business dealings.

We know which airlines, which flights and which hotels are best for business travellers in Australia and around the world, because we constantly monitor performance and feedback from our clients and industry sources.

We operate as a ‘one stop shop’ facilitating visas, advising on immunisation requirements and providing travel insurance including annual business policies.


Our role for a corporate client is:

  • To operate as a travel partner with our client ‘s company. Our agency aims to become a supporting arm to get travel off your staff desks and onto ours helping operational areas operate more efficiently.


  • To provide tangible cost savings, we achieve this in a number of ways, but in particular we act as a broker to obtain greater purchasing power and influence within airline and hotel chains as well as other travel suppliers.


  • To provide accurate reports in format, style and frequency which accord with client’s requirements. Our detailed reports assist with corporate accounting and forward planning.



Give us the business requirement and leave the arrangements and technical details to us. We will respond with firm bookings as well as options to consider. We have an internal policy of ‘in today-out today’. Where physically possible every request is answered the same day, preferably via email. For your travel co-ordinator this means response time mirrors the pace of business in a busy office and travellers are not kept waiting for information.

Continuity of Service


Dale is a working Director of the company and readily available to provide continuity with travel requirements. One of the principles on which Ellandale Travel is based is a client profile, which places value on building a long-term relationship. We don’t require our clients to sign contracts.

Cost Savings


We help you reduce overall expenditure on travel using our product knowledge and expertise to get the best result. We understand that preferences & loyalties run deep with business travellers and we respect those loyalties at all times.

We assist by developing a company travel policy, helping implement and manage this policy and providing regular reports and summaries of travel expenditure in a form free of travel jargon.

Full Capacity Service


We are fully automated and connected to the Amadeus central reservations system, the most sophisticated system available in the world. Amadeus gives us access to over 500 airlines and immediate confirmation of bookings.

We have close relationships with most major suppliers including  “preferred agent” status with many major airlines, which gives our clients preferential treatment. When there is a problem and we know about, we can usually fix it.

Easy Accounting


Our fully automated system provides simple and accurate accounts, providing easy cross-checking for client accounting staff.  We provide an invoice for each transaction at the same time tickets are issued. Statements are prepared monthly and are cross-referenced to invoices. We have a staff member solely responsible for accounts and administration, meaning our clients get fast and focused assistance with non-travel related queries and requests.

24 Hour Availability


You can always contact us, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, in the event of an emergency. Just call our normal office number and our dedicated after-hours consultant will answer.

Additional Services

Every traveller is presented with a detailed itinerary in an easy to read format. Every hotel reservation is reconfirmed in writing prior to arrival date. All e-tickets and accounting documents are emailed as soon as issued.